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As beautiful and protective as trees mostly are, they can also be destructive when they’re too close to the home. Their roots can grow extensively, so much that they invade the foundations and drainage around the property leading to foundation, plumbing and landscape damage.

Root barriers are important to prevent those damages and serve as either a method of stopping tree root growth or deflecting them. So if you’re planting a new tree close to your home or have an old tree close to your property, seeking the services of professionals to install root barriers to protect your foundation is best.

What Are Root Barriers?

Root barriers are mechanisms that prevent the spread of underground tree roots preventing damage to nearby structures. 

They can exist in physical and chemical forms. The chemical forms destroy the tree roots completely so the less destructive, more environmentally-friendly physical root barriers are mostly recommended.

Installing them while planting new trees removes the hassle and repair expenses that could happen in the long run. For existing trees, installing them early once damage to neighbouring plants or structures becomes obvious is important to repair damage and prevent future occurrences.

High-quality root barriers resist tears and punctures while keeping the roots away from your property. 

  • Barriers can be installed in linear fashions for trees against sidewalks or pavement around the side at risk of damaging the foundation.
  • Barriers can also be arranged in surrounding fashions for trees at the centre or close to the home.

Why Are Root Barriers Important?

Prevent Foundation Hazards

Tree roots growing under the foundation or sidewalk can cause the concrete to be lifted crafting dangerous situations. Root barriers prevent those damages from even happening at all.

Protect Surrounding Plants

Big trees have extensive roots that could extend several feet around the base of the tree. These roots help to increase moisture and nutrient absorption from the soil and this could lead to a lack of moisture and nutrients for the surrounding plants.

Where to Get The Best Root Barrier Installation Services in Cypress, TX

Root barrier installations have to be done right to be effective against both surface and deep roots. This requires the expertise of tree care professionals who know just the right way to ensure there’s no damage to both your property and the trees during quick and efficient installation.

Nature’s Tree Removal Service is an excellent root barrier installer with expertise and experience in installing eco-friendly root barriers, protecting your home and trees too. They also give the most competitive prices and a free quote.

For more information, visit their website or call 713 824 9036.

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