Tree Service Professionals in Houston, TX, Share Fall Tree Care Tips

Fall is a great time to prepare your trees for the colder months. According, Jim Skiera, Executive Director of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), exposure to the tough conditions can cause major stress to trees. Proper fall tree care helps minimize this stress through the cold months.

So what are the major tree care tips for fall?


The colder the weather, the more water the soil loses to the atmosphere. Putting composed organic mulch around your trees in fall or early winter can help retain water and limit the impact of extreme temperatures on the soil. The mulch provides your tree’s roots with extra protection against evaporation.

Water your tree regularly  

Regular watering is a major tree care work during the colder weather. In fact, winter droughts require watering or irrigation as much as summer droughts. Routine watering during the winter on younger trees can be a lifesaver.

Prevent injuries to your trees

During the colder weather, it is not impossible to see cases of branch breakage or splitting which are caused by snow accumulation or rubbing and chewing by animals. Injuries during this period take longer time to heal, leaving trees with open wounds that could render them more vulnerable to fungal infections and disease. You can prevent these problems with young trees by wrapping their base tree wraps such as polypropylene fabric, burlap or metal hardware cloth.

Prune your tree

Although fall is not the best time to prune, much can still be done to keep your tree in good shape. During this period, it is a lot easier to see a tree’s structure. Removing deadwood or weak branches is essential to the tree’s health, in part because it relieves stress on trees and keeps them growing. However, fall pruning should be done with caution as pruning the wrong way can make your tree more susceptible to infections and diseases.

Need help? Speak to a tree expert

Proper tree care requires the expertise of professional arborists who are trained and equipped with the right tools to efficiently complete tree care works on your landscape. If you have considered hiring an expert, call Nature’s Tree Removal on phone today at (713) 824-9036 for a free, no-obligation estimate. 

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